Sleep……..The Worst Case Scenerio

I have so much to say about sleep that I need to open up the subject with a quick back story about Jack and the worst thing that has ever happened to me in my lifetime.
So anyone who knows me knows that I went through my own kind of hell when Jack hit about 3 months old. Up until that time he was pretty consistent with his nighttime sleeping, usually about 2 wake ups (2am and 4am), mostly just for a business type feeding transaction, then straight back to sleep. No rocking needed, just snoozville. I thought, “I’m so tired, this is hard.” What I would have done to savor that time you have no idea.
The bomb dropped almost the day that Jack turned 3 months old. Suddenly when we would put him down in his crib he would cry and cry, so we literally had to rock him forever to get him to fall into a deep sleep in our arms (literally his head would have to be flopping around that’s how deep the sleep would need to be). Then it was like we had to have some kind of advanced Ninja skills to get him from our arms to the crib. I remember wishing I owned night vision to help me maneuver him in the dark so I wouldn’t wake him. NIGHT VISION. It’s crazy. And if you do mess up and lay him down incorrectly, boom. An eye peeks open and sees you there and it’s almost like they say “You f**ked that up. Start over”. And you know you are in for another round of rocking and shhhhhh-ing in the dark for the next 20 minutes or so.

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