Ailments and Remedies (that work)

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Since my first child started growing inside of me I changed my ways. I was a smoker (occasional to habitual and back to occasional again) and I used “drugs” for all my ailments. Headache = Ibuprofen. Cold = Antihistamine. And on and on, like every other blue blooded American. The pharmaceutical industry is HUGE and getting bigger every year, all so that we can keep popping pills all day every day for no reason. Now I am aware I am not a doctor, but I also know that taking ibuprofen¬†everyday has serious consequences on your health and body. Actually, taking any medicine on a weekly basis is ruining your body slowly each day. It’s a horrible cycle that we learn from birth and are told it’s no big deal. A pill for every ill.

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A baby free of Cradle Cap, Diaper Rash, and any other common affliction!

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This post is born from a conversation I had today about little Jack always being free of the ailments suffered by most babies, and how we made it possible. Babies almost always suffer from some kind of rash, whether it be diaper rash or skin rash, as well as the sad but inevitable cradle cap. Here is how we avoided/dealt with the issues.

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We all know that when you have a sick child the first thing a doctor tells you is: “Lot’s of rest and lots of Pedialyte, gotta keep the little one hydrated!” And this is true, but lately I have been looking at the ingredients in EVERYTHING because, I mean, what the hell are we giving to our little ones? I mean, it says it’s natural, it says it’s the cure, but what is in it EXACTLY? Last night I even found that my “Organic Almond Oil” that I slather all over myself after my shower and also massage my husband with after a long day, is chalk full of Parabens, as well as Palm Oil ( Click the links to see why I HATE THESE PRODUCTS. That’s a whole different subject though. Let me get back to Pedialyte. So I look at the ingredients and this is what I see:

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