Ailments and Remedies (that work)

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Since my first child started growing inside of me I changed my ways. I was a smoker (occasional to habitual and back to occasional again) and I used “drugs” for all my ailments. Headache = Ibuprofen. Cold = Antihistamine. And on and on, like every other blue blooded American. The pharmaceutical industry is HUGE and getting bigger every year, all so that we can keep popping pills all day every day for no reason. Now I am aware I am not a doctor, but I also know that taking ibuprofen¬†everyday has serious consequences on your health and body. Actually, taking any medicine on a weekly basis is ruining your body slowly each day. It’s a horrible cycle that we learn from birth and are told it’s no big deal. A pill for every ill.

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Fevers – Our friend!

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The first time Jack got a fever I was panicked. Horrified. I thought he was going to die. I called the doctor in the middle of the night expecting him to tell me to go straight to the emergency room. Not only did he NOT advise me to go straight to the hospital, he also didn’t sound too concerned about a 103 fever at all. He asked a few questions and then said to keep my son comfortable and hydrated and to use fever reducers only if he seemed in pain or achy. I was shocked.

Now, many many MANY fevers later and less of a nervous wreck about every little thing, I have learned exactly why my doctor was not on high alert about my son’s fever. It’s because fevers are good! And after lots of research it makes perfect sense why they are good. Here is the skinny:

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Glass Bottle Maintenance (a.k.a. Algae Anyone?)


Last year I switched out all of my plastic from my cupboards for glass mainly because of all the health related research that has been published over the last year about plastic leaching chemicals like BPA and other nasty things contributing to Miscarriages, Alzheimer’s and Cancer etc. The FDA has yet to make a final call on banning some of these chemicals in our plastic so obviously we have to do a preemptive strike and protect ourselves first. No use being the guinea pig! So we switched out all of out Tupperware and drinking containers for glass and it has been absolutely wonderful. I did run into one tiny problem with glass though, in the carafes and water bottles I began to notice a light green film at the bottom, algae. I am not afraid of algae, some is even good for you. But no, no I don’t want algae in my drinking water. And in some of my bottles it is downright impossible to get in there and clean the bottom. So, I googled a way to get the algae out and was SHOCKED to hear advice telling me to use BLEACH!!! Seriously OMG. I would drink algae any day of the week before I put a downright POISON in my beautiful glasses to clean them!! I was laughing out loud, but at the same time I had no solution to my problem. And now I do.

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Earache Remedy

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So poor poor little Jack got a horrible ear infection when we went to Ireland last year which escalated into such a disastrous situation that he needed 2 doses of antibiotics. Nightmare. Poor kid. I of course never saw a sign or even knew what to look for, I thought he just had a regular old cold. So this time around, our family for Christmas decided to bond together and all get a cold at the same time, AND to spread that cold to all of the aunts and grandparents as well. Christmas spirit and all, why wouldn’t we? Now that we are all better, I notice Jack tugging on his ears. It isn’t anything yet, but I see the warning signs beginning. A trip to the doctor confirmed it is the beginning of an ear infection (post trauma sets in from my last experience) and they of course want him on antibiotics. I, on the other hand, would like to share a recipe that you can try in the beginning or even middle stages of an earache to try and solve the problem before having to resort to antibiotics. This is a powerful and effective alternative that I highly recommend, and the less antibiotics you give your child the better. This remedy is known to work every time as long as it isn’t chaos madness like our Ireland experience. All these ingredients result in a strong natural antibiotic. It’s great for adults too! Here you go!

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Homemade Lemon Sugar Face Scrub


There are many many reasons why this is an ultimate weekly face scrub you should be using, and a REALLY easy and REALLY cheap way to have better skin. Here are a few different recipes that I love, starting with the easiest first. These scrubs can all be made with items from your kitchen and are completely natural and chemical free.

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Diaper Pail Deodorizers

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New recipe that I tried out this weekend! Let me just make it clear, I spend little to no time on these projects so I promise they are fast and easy and you can do them with a baby in the house. I don’t have a nanny of any kind, and it took me about 5 minutes to make these great deodorizer discs. I know the picture has them in a cupcake tin, but there is NO COOKING involved at all. A few ingredients mixed together, poured, and left to dry. That’s it. The reason for this particular need was because, to put it frankly, Jack’s diaper pail smells. It isn’t the freshest scent in the house. And I’ve been meaning to try to conquer the task but I have put it off until now. These discs are great, and with just a few ingredients I already had it was job done. I have one hanging in his pail now, and I can safely say it is working wonders and the smell is zapped. Here is what I did..

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Homemade Deodorant

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Keeping it real with a new attempt on my chemical free theme this month, I attempted a homemade deodorant. This is a ballsy move, I mean, all humans are bred to use only chemical sticks that actually prevent our glands from sweating (which is really bad for us by the way and can lead to cysts and cancers) not to mention putting aluminum and other hazardous chemicals directly on our lymph nodes. (Sorry for the run on sentence). So as much as I love THE STICK, I made my own deodorant which is kept in a cute jar and is applied like a lotion with my hands in the morning. It sounds weird but I swear to you, I am a brutally honest person and would tell you the truth as to whether or not this is something I would recommend, and I love it so far.

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