Replacing your Medicine Cabinet – Essential Oils

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Wow, has my life been changed by using these guys. I’m an idiot. A good friend told me all about these about 2 years ago and while I did listen, I never fully explored or embraced the uses of essential oils. I loved them, I felt that they made my house smell amazing, but I didn’t fully encompass the healing powers until now. Flash forward to my second baby, little to no sleep, desperate, and I am reminded by several other mothers that essential oils may do the trick to help my baby sleep through the night (after I also break him of the atrociously bad sleep habits I had aided him in forming as well). My first night using essential oils on my 6 month old and IMMEDIATELY he sleeps 12 hours through the night and blew my mind. THE FIRST NIGHT. Talk about instant results!!!

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We all know that when you have a sick child the first thing a doctor tells you is: “Lot’s of rest and lots of Pedialyte, gotta keep the little one hydrated!” And this is true, but lately I have been looking at the ingredients in EVERYTHING because, I mean, what the hell are we giving to our little ones? I mean, it says it’s natural, it says it’s the cure, but what is in it EXACTLY? Last night I even found that my “Organic Almond Oil” that I slather all over myself after my shower and also massage my husband with after a long day, is chalk full of Parabens, as well as Palm Oil ( Click the links to see why I HATE THESE PRODUCTS. That’s a whole different subject though. Let me get back to Pedialyte. So I look at the ingredients and this is what I see:

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