DIY Mother’s Day Ideas

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Obviously your Mother’s Day gift is in the hands of your (hopefully) magnificent husband who has spent his entire week dedicated to making it a perfect day for you. *Clear Throat*. But you also have some fun things to do for your Mother, as well as Grandmas and Great Grandmothers. Here are a few things you can make at home with the kids to give all the women in your family a special day!

1) A Card – Obvious one here, but this year we opted for the famous “Butterfly Feet” card and it is so cute I can’t stand it. This one is in the beginning stages and we will be adding a few more decorations but you get the idea. It’s messy, it won’t always be perfect, but the Grandmas with LOVE it. They can even cut out the feet portion and frame it. I used water colors and card stock.


2) A bookmark – This was hilarious. I haven’t finished it, I need to go tomorrow and buy a bookmark tassel to attach to the top, but this is the general idea. Have your little one stand with their hands up and snap a picture. Print the photo and cut around it. Glue the photo to colored construction paper and then cut around that. Hole punch the top where their hands are holding and tie in a bookmark tassel. The Grandmas will love this for their romance novels!!!! Just picture this example of 3 bookmarks with tassels and you will get the idea.

unnamed 2

Lastly – Here is a last one I didn’t find time for but looks so easy and you can find these wood pieces at Michaels. Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 3.20.37 PM

Wishing all you mommies out there an AMAZING Mother’s Day and hoping you get REST, breakfast in bed, a massage, a Starbucks, a cute card, a nap, lunch in bed, a movie, dinner, a foot rub, a glass of wine, a bubble bath, and any other indulgence that the female mind can possibly think up.

Amazing Toddler Activities for Learning


Now that I have a three year old, the old games we have been using are old news. I can see it in his eyes every morning when he wakes up, this kid need to be stimulated. His brain is like a sponge needing to be filled with knowledge about the world around him. So, faced with the task of keeping him growing both in body and mind, I have tried several inventive activities (and am trying more every day) to keep him appeased. And of course I will let you in on my favorites AND least time consuming for mommies everywhere. And keeping up with my “use what you have in the home” theme, most of these you won’t send you out shopping….much.

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Toddler Busy Bags

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So now that I am the proud parent of an almost 2 year old, I find the challenges have shifted from lack of sleep and free time for mommy, to constantly keeping my child from running off mommy. This means in waiting rooms, grocery stores, sandwich shops, restaurants, long car rides, wherever. Jack is a mad man and zips off before I can even blink. If we are somewhere that I need to get something accomplished it can get a bit tricky and create tons of unwanted cardio for me. And now that I am expecting a new addition to the family I ask myself “How on earth am I going to do anything for the new baby when Jack needs me 24/7?”

So is this the be all end all solution I am presenting to you now? No. But it will bide some time which is all we can hope for as parents. The Busy Bag. This is a small bag you can take on the go or use at home. You can make one, you can make 20, either way it gives your child something to keep their attention and learn while you can handle your business. It’s wonderful for stimulating their minds and giving you a break at the same time. When you are ready to give full attention to your little one again, you simply put the bag back together again and move on with your day. So, here are some great ideas I’ve stolen from random Busy Bags around the globe. Also, if you are exhausted and don’t feel like making one of your own, Etsy has LOTS you can choose from pre-made and ready to go!

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Diaper Pail Deodorizers

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New recipe that I tried out this weekend! Let me just make it clear, I spend little to no time on these projects so I promise they are fast and easy and you can do them with a baby in the house. I don’t have a nanny of any kind, and it took me about 5 minutes to make these great deodorizer discs. I know the picture has them in a cupcake tin, but there is NO COOKING involved at all. A few ingredients mixed together, poured, and left to dry. That’s it. The reason for this particular need was because, to put it frankly, Jack’s diaper pail smells. It isn’t the freshest scent in the house. And I’ve been meaning to try to conquer the task but I have put it off until now. These discs are great, and with just a few ingredients I already had it was job done. I have one hanging in his pail now, and I can safely say it is working wonders and the smell is zapped. Here is what I did..

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Yummy Tush Spray

Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 9.26.36 PM

I have a new recipe that I absolutely LOVE and I have to share it. I, as you know from previous blogs, I use Honest Company diapers and wipes (they come as a package). So the wipes are totally natural and basic, and sometimes (this is about to get gross) Jack can do a massive poo and these wipes don’t really cut it. The older he gets, the more stink is occurring in these particular instances. By using the word stink I am being kind to Jack and preserving some dignity for the little guy. It’s actually pretty hard core what he does in those diapers, it’s like hazmat suit time.

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Great Photo Idea


So since Jack was born I decided to do a once a month photo shoot and then at the end of one year I can put all the photos together and frame it and voila! You get to see your little one growing up and it’s such a great gift for the family! Here’s what I did. I started by going to Joann’s and purchasing 12 different fabrics. (This cost about $100, and I know it isn’t cheap but if you see my suggestion on what to do with the fabric afterwards it will be totally worth it). I then went on (my favorite place in the world) and bought some stickers with the months on them to stick to Jack’s onesie ($10). Then I ironed the fabric, laid it on top of a blanket on the floor so it wouldn’t crumple every time he moved around, stood on a chair and SNAP! You need to make sure you have indirect overhead lighting so that there are not any shadows cast, I am lucky to have skylights but you can try your brightest room at midday and that should work too. It has been so fun and I can’t wait until they are all done and I can frame the final product on the wall! There is great collage making software out there, I used Photobucket for the one you see above. The individual pictures are amazing as well, we used one for our Holiday Cards this year.

Added Bonus for the Super Crafty: Years later when you have time you can use the fabrics for a quilt that your baby can have for the rest of their lives. UGH!