DIY Mason Jar Christmas Decorating

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I love mason jars. We drink from them, we put flowers and plants in them, we store baby food in them, they are a staple in our home. Mostly because it is the one type of glassware we don’t break. Plus, it has a lid and looks really cute. So here are some ideas for the mason jar lover out there who feels like having some fun crafty time with the little ones.

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Advent Calendar Obsession

I wrote a post last Christmas season about making your own advent calendar. It involved sewing, cutting, stitching, and about 2 weeks of hard work and labor. This year as I unpacked my Christmas decorations I found no advent calendar, and after inquiring and accusing right and left I am left empty handed. SO BUMMED! This was supposed to be the advent calendar that my children passed down to their children and so on and so on! Deep breath. I’m also feeling much more lazy than I was last year so there is no way in hell I am going to try to recreate it. Having said that I decided to research every idea of an advent calendar using things from around my house and I actually found some great ideas. Perks: They don’t take up space in my garage. They are festive and cheery. Jack can help make and decorate them which he loves. They are cheap. They won’t crush all your hopes and dreams if you lose them. AND they take 5 seconds to make. Here are my top picks for advent calendars this year!

Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 8.16.44 PMScreen Shot 2013-12-09 at 8.15.15 PM

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The meeting of Santa Claus

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Here it is, the Christmas photo we all wait for as parents. The first meeting between the mystical creature known as Santa that all little children lay their hopes and dreams in. And wouldn’t you know it, Jack was terrified, mortified, and screamed like he was being skinned alive right in front of me. As if Santa had set him on fire himself. And I have to admit, it was lovely and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I guarantee that this photo will magically re-appear throughout Jack’s life in many fitting and embarrassing scenarios. Fantastic.

Holiday Photos


Holiday photos with your little one, so many ideas in so little time. I knew I wanted to do it, but it’s so hard to actually get everything together and get it done, sometimes enjoying a cup of tea and some down time is just so much easier. So this particular photo shoot was completely unplanned and it turned out fabulous. Go figure.

I ordered this amazingly comfy onsie from on Etsy. Basically she makes formal clothing where everything is connected to your onsie, a genius idea. She also makes the accessories, like Jack’s cute clip on tie. So I was headed out to a mommy meet up group which I go to each week and we were all bringing our little ones dressed up for the holidays. Before we left I set Jack down near the tree and saw how cute he looked and thought, “BOOM! Christmas picture!” And before you knew it, Jack was being snapped and played with and shouted to like something out of Zoolander, dance monkey!!! Luckily he loved it and we got some fabulous photos out of our shoot, which only took about 10 minutes. By the way, you can’t have too many good pictures without a few funny outtakes.