After 34 marvelous years on this planet as a carefree childless woman with a fun-filled career in the film industry as a makeup artist, I decided to embark upon the wonders of the ancient art of motherhood. And after several nervous breakdowns, and a few not so pretty screaming matches with my husband, I decided that there is a small gap in the market of blogging. So I am hanging up my blog on all things film and makeup and beginning a new blog centered around the not so perfect side of marriage, motherhood and career, with some crafts and cooking thrown in.

Brief synopsis: My name is Regan. I’m from California. I married an Englishman named Chris. We now have a baby named Jack. And so it begins.

Since Jack has come into my life, just as everyone has told me for eons and eons, my whole world has flipped upside down. NOTHING can prepare you! And the one thing that turned out to be the most helpful to me was talking to other moms going through the same thing. Seriously, its like therapy. And because I am not the kind of person to go running around trying to meet new people and NONE of my friends have kids, I am totally screwed. So when I am on months of ZERO sleep and I have no one to talk to except my husband who seems to do everything wrong and just can’t get anything right (this is me in the moment talking, he is actually an amazing human being without flaw), I am at my wits end.  Strangely enough, once I do talk to someone going through the same things it’s like serious therapy. And you even get tips and tricks that actually work, unlike the 30 books I have purchased over the last 7 months in the hopes of finding a miracle and came up with a huge bill instead.

Now since my attempts to talk all of my friends into the joys of unprotected relations with their loved ones has not gotten me any closer to having more mommy friends, we arrive here. At this blog. I know I am not the only one out there, let’s chat. Sometimes I am going to post about problems, not solutions, so feel free to comment. I need it.

Thanks for visiting and welcome to and all the guts and glory of being a new mom!


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    • Hi Sandra!
      No the tush spray is in a league of it’s own and I spray it on every time I change a number 2. It’s the best product I have made so far and you can use it with any and all wipes. I put it in small spray bottles and stash it all over the house and in diaper bags. Go to the search section on the blog and type “tush”, it will pop up. Enjoy!!

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