Yummy Tush Spray

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I have a new recipe that I absolutely LOVE and I have to share it. I, as you know from previous blogs, I use Honest Company diapers and wipes (they come as a package). So the wipes are totally natural and basic, and sometimes (this is about to get gross) Jack can do a massive poo and these wipes don’t really cut it. The older he gets, the more stink is occurring in these particular instances. By using the word stink I am being kind to Jack and preserving some dignity for the little guy. It’s actually pretty hard core what he does in those diapers, it’s like hazmat suit time.

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Unbeatable Homemade Baby Wipes

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No one likes their baby wipes! Or at least no one I know. They are expensive, they never clean the whole mess, they aren’t durable, the list goes on and on. I find ALL baby wipes, including Honest Wipes (which I do like and use), NEVER get all the (sorry to be blunt) poop particles off the tush. If you haven’t already, please give a try to my Homemade Tush Spray. I spray this on before I wipe Jack and it gently and cleanly removes EVERYTHING leaving Jack left with a crystal clean surface that my he loves. (Never had Diaper Rash). It’s only a few ingredients from your kitchen and takes under a minute to make.It may be the best homemade and not homemade product I have ever used, we have one in every room of the house as well as his diaper bag. If an earthquake happened, I would save the Tush Spray above my home computer.

ANYWAYS, wipes are expensive and usually total crap. Here is a great recipe for wipes you can make at home and will rock more than the crappy wipes you despise at this very moment. I know it seems weird but I think if you try it once you will never go back.  *I would still use the Tush Spray with these just to make baby extra clean. Here’s the recipe……

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Planes, Trains and Automobiles

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I have traveled a TON with Jack mostly due to the fact that being half English, he is in serious demand for some face time with his English roots on the other side of the world. Jack has been all ages during his travel experiences and has traveled to over 7 countries. Every time we go somewhere I learn more and more about what I am doing right, but mostly about what I am doing wrong. Which is expected, he keeps changing every month he grows. So how am I supposed to see what terrors and joys are ahead of me? I’m not psychic! We recently just returned from a trip to England where I stayed for over a month with extended family. In that time, we went to Ireland to attend the wedding of close friends, and then off to Spain for yet another wedding of close friends. I am happy to say I have returned to Los Angeles still a married woman and with a happy and healthy baby, which I didn’t think would be possible. On both accounts. Without going into the nitty gritty, we dealt with some serious illness for little Jack during this trip and I am happy to say he made it through and I am in love with the English health care system above all health care. Not only did they see Jack immediately each and every time, it was completely free including his medicine. But that’s another story. SO, without further ado, I am here today to give you the heads up on the ins and outs of travel with babies to far places across the globe and what to expect during these treacherous excursions, mostly the plane travel part.  Obviously, your baby may be the one who has none of these issues that I mention below, and to you I say, ugh. No offense.

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A baby free of Cradle Cap, Diaper Rash, and any other common affliction!

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This post is born from a conversation I had today about little Jack always being free of the ailments suffered by most babies, and how we made it possible. Babies almost always suffer from some kind of rash, whether it be diaper rash or skin rash, as well as the sad but inevitable cradle cap. Here is how we avoided/dealt with the issues.

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