Ailments and Remedies (that work)

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Since my first child started growing inside of me I changed my ways. I was a smoker (occasional to habitual and back to occasional again) and I used “drugs” for all my ailments. Headache = Ibuprofen. Cold = Antihistamine. And on and on, like every other blue blooded American. The pharmaceutical industry is HUGE and getting bigger every year, all so that we can keep popping pills all day every day for no reason. Now I am aware I am not a doctor, but I also know that taking ibuprofen everyday has serious consequences on your health and body. Actually, taking any medicine on a weekly basis is ruining your body slowly each day. It’s a horrible cycle that we learn from birth and are told it’s no big deal. A pill for every ill.

So without going into the details of all that, I want to go into the details of the many things I started using instead and highlighting the ones that make a huge difference. I am not into taking supplements (which you will find hard to believe when you see the list of supplements I take each day) because I feel you should get your nutrients through your diet. But there are things you can do to help you feel well, feel energy, feel good inside and out. SO here they are.

EczemaIt started when I got pregnancy eczema. I have never had eczema in my life, and there it was. All over my fingers. It got so bad that it started cracking and bleeding and I couldn’t sleep at night. Doctors prescribed creams and ointments and medicine and nothing worked at all. I was miserable. Then a friend told be to look into the REASON my body has eczema and treat that. So I researched and found that eczema likely is caused by the gut, and if you want to cure the rash, you need a healthy gut. Secondary cause for eczema was dehydration. I sat thinking WOW, I totally don’t drink enough water at all. I pounded 8 glasses of water that day and started taking probiotics to heal my gut. And guess what? The rash stopped hurting by that evening, was 50% gone by the next morning and completely gone the next day. Not kidding. Gone.

Ear Infections: (Adults and Children) It breaks my heart when I hear of a child needing ear tubes, but it’s common. Guess why? Multiple ear infections. My first child had them. Doctors give you antibiotics, but guess what? It’s bad for the body and does nothing to prevent the next one from coming. Then you need to repeat more antibiotics until boom, ear tubes. I saw this happening with Jack and said hell no. We started using Garlic Olive Oil drops I made at home (it takes roughly 5 minutes to make) and I kid you not, NO EARACHES EVER AGAIN. No antibiotics, no screaming children, and my second child has never had one! At the first sign of a cold and discomfort, I drop a few drops into the ear and massage each morning and night. DONE. Recipe here.

EnergyI started taking a Raw Foods Multivitamin by Garden of Life (all food based) to help get in what I wasn’t getting in my diet. I continue taking probiotics everyday. I also take Vitamin B-12 mid day when I start to need caffeine. We eat Goji Berries as much as possible. Works!

Wellness: Want your kids and yourself to never get sick? You will think I am so weird but this has worked for us for 4 years now. Here is how we keep toddlers from getting the plague at school:


  1. Morning routine: 1 Food Based Multivitamin for the kids (Rainbow Stars)
  2. Lemon Flavored Cod Liver Oil: (Don’t frown, we call it Lemon Zest to the kids and they literally can’t wait to have their spoonful in the morning each day)
  3. Kids Probiotics: I mix it in with a small amount of apple juice each day
  4. Elderberry Syrup and drink: (the kids and I get this only if I feel we may have been exposed to something and our immune system needs a boost)
  5. Oil of Oregano: Adults only. Take this when you feel a sickness coming on or everyday to keep bugs away.
  6. Plant Therapy Germ Destroyer: Safe for kids to use. I put this in the diffuser during cold seasons and on the kid’s feet at bedtime. And some on myself as well.
  7. Superfood Smoothies: The kids love smoothies and have no idea that they are the healthiest thing they have all day. I always have spinach or kale mixed in with hemp seeds, cacao, coconut oil, bananas and berries, coconut water, acai powder, maca root, you name it. I have a few recipes that I circulate through the week and they LOVE it.
  8. Wash Hands Wash Hands. Wash Hands. 
  9. Air out your house each dayYou should open your windows up if possible for at least 2 hours a day. if its snowing or raining you could crack a window in the bedrooms, anything helps.
  10. Epsom Salt and Bentonite Clay: You can get these on Amazon, they work wonders for health AND sleep. The Epsom Salt helps your child’s muscles relax and give a general calm feeling all around. The Bentonite Clay detoxifies the heavy metals that are in the bath water as well as helps to detoxify your children while they have a healthy soak. This combo has been great for getting my kids to have a deep full night’s sleep. Side Note: Depending on the clay you order, you can use it as a facial mask and also add it to your smoothies. It has infinite uses.

Tumeric: There are so many current studies showing the negative effects of inflammation on the human body and the links to cancer, tumors, arthritis, joint pain, headaches, the list goes on and on. When someone complains of pain and illness, you can usually attribute it in part to inflammation. It’s a big problem! So people take a bunch of Ibuprofen. Bleh. Guess what? Turmeric is a major anti-inflammatory! They just released a huge study which shows the effects of Tumeric on inflammation and it’s just awesome. BUT, the problem isn’t solved by just taking some turmeric sadly. The studies showed that taking turmeric supplements actually had zero effect on the human body. But turmeric taken as a food worked wonders. The end result was, turmeric is not absorbed as a supplement unless taken in a certain way. On food is best. Or supplements taken with Black Pepper (usually added and will say so on the bottle) and maybe drink it down with milk or coconut water. Final thoughts are, TAKE TUMERIC. It is worth every penny just to keep your body running smoothly, ailment free and without inflammation.

These are all worth the time and money and have worked wonders for our family and myself. Enjoy!


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