Social Media (the silent soul sucker)

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In October I was getting so fed up with myself. I was checking Facebook every hour I think, 2 minutes here, 10 minutes there. All day every day, checking in. Then, at night, I would lay in bed and stare at my phone. I would say out loud, “10 more minutes, then I’m sleeping.” And of course. like most of you reading this, an hour or two would pass and I would finally just give a huge exhausted sigh and turn it off and go to sleep. I was missing sleep to flip through my damn phone, ridiculous. Sadder than that, at some point my husband would probably come upstairs and lay in bed next to me and do the same thing! Two humans side by side in bed staring at phones. It’s so gross.

So I was talking to a friend on the phone about how much I felt social media was taking from my life and she agreed. We decided to make a clean break for a month. Total solidarity and beginning immediately. Continue reading

Ailments and Remedies (that work)

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Since my first child started growing inside of me I changed my ways. I was a smoker (occasional to habitual and back to occasional again) and I used “drugs” for all my ailments. Headache = Ibuprofen. Cold = Antihistamine. And on and on, like every other blue blooded American. The pharmaceutical industry is HUGE and getting bigger every year, all so that we can keep popping pills all day every day for no reason. Now I am aware I am not a doctor, but I also know that taking ibuprofen¬†everyday has serious consequences on your health and body. Actually, taking any medicine on a weekly basis is ruining your body slowly each day. It’s a horrible cycle that we learn from birth and are told it’s no big deal. A pill for every ill.

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