Replacing your Medicine Cabinet – Essential Oils

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Wow, has my life been changed by using these guys. I’m an idiot. A good friend told me all about these about 2 years ago and while I did listen, I never fully explored or embraced the uses of essential oils. I loved them, I felt that they made my house smell amazing, but I didn’t fully encompass the healing powers until now. Flash forward to my second baby, little to no sleep, desperate, and I am reminded by several other mothers that essential oils may do the trick to help my baby sleep through the night (after I also break him of the atrociously bad sleep habits I had aided him in forming as well). My first night using essential oils on my 6 month old and IMMEDIATELY he sleeps 12 hours through the night and blew my mind. THE FIRST NIGHT. Talk about instant results!!!

So now I see my toddler getting his 17th cold this year and I think, hmmmmm. Can the oils that helped me so much with my baby help this toddler kick these colds he seems to always have? I ask a few mommies. They tell me what to use. I buy it and use it. His cold goes away and he has been cold free ever since. Now I kick myself. Why the heck didn’t I do this ages ago????? So last night I went to a class to try to gather info about how to use these powerful oils work and here is what I learned.

1) Buy high quality oils. Previous to this experience I always bought cheaper oils from Wholefoods which were nice to smell but were not pure therapeutic grade oils. You could not use them topically or ingest them as they were basically for smell purposes only and not pure, usually mixed with other things. There is definitely a difference in price for high quality oils, but now I only use 1 drop to diffuse oil instead of 25 drops, so I feel they are the same price really because I use way less product with the good oils. Remember to always do a “Patch Test” on you or your little ones to insure there is no allergy to a particular oil first.

2) There are a few tried and true companies. Many Reps for these companies will tell you “Ours is the best, you can ONLY use ours” but I never believe this is the case and I mix and match from different brands. There are many great companies with high quality oils and you can pick and chose which is right for your family. Here is a short list of the bestest of the best as far as I know it:

  •  Mountain Rose Herbs
  •  doTerra
  •  Young Living

These are the only ones I am covering because these companies have great reputations, available customer service if you need to ask a question or get help, online information about how to properly use their products, and lots of literature on the making of their products. I mean, if you had a allergic reaction then you need to be able to speak with someone about it from the company and possibly be refunded for the oil you are allergic to. I found that other companies were too iffy to take any chances with. Oils are potent, one drop of peppermint oil is equal to 28 cups of peppermint tea. So if you are using an oil medicinally on you or your kids, I see it as no different as using medicine (besides that it’s natural and good for you) and always use it with knowledge and precaution.

3) Buying. You can choose to order from a rep and in exchange you get a person you can text or call for recipes or advice at all times. Or you can order online through their company websites. OR you can order off Amazon which I have to admit I do because I usually need oils in a jiff. They come in 2 days that way and I have no patience. I need an oil for patience.

4) Always dilute. Usually dilute one drop oil with a teaspoon of carrier oil (although I dilute using less but you will find a balance). My favorite carrier oil is coconut oil, but you can use olive oil as well. Some oils can be “spicy” and may sting if accidentally put it near the eyes etc. Never use water to get it off, it will thin it out and spread the problem. Use an oil to aid the problem and dilute it. And never use oils around the eyes, ever.

Now let’s get down to a few AWESOME medicine cabinet makeovers!!!!

Colds: doTerra OnGuard or Young Living Thieves Oil are awesome for this. You can diffuse it in the home and breathe it in all day long or while you sleep at night, you can put one drop on the bottoms of your little one’s feet a several times a day if they have a cold or just before bed each night for cold prevention, or you can add a drop to your water and drink it to maintain good health for adults. Small backstory: The reason it’s called Thieves oil is because it was a blend used by Four Thieves during the plague in the 15th century. They were able to break into rich homes all over as people suffered from illness and leave unaffected. When they were caught, they had their sentence lessened just for sharing their miracle recipe. To aid with cold symptoms and cough, I love Breathe by doTerra. Rub on their chest and neck. Lastly, for adults feeling a cold coming on, make a wellness tonic (they sell these at high end wellness bars and Cafe Gratitude for a bunch of money). Mix one drop oregano oil, lemon and cayenne pepper in hot water. You will NEVER get sick again.

Sleep: Young Living “Peace and Calming” and Lavender. You can add Cedarwood as well. Use on the bottom of the feet or diffuse. This is the combo that had my baby sleep through the night.

Fever: Peppermint. Try this on the back of your neck, it’s awesome. On little ones, use down the spine or on the feet and maybe a little on the back of the neck. It will cool them right down. Honestly, you have to try this yourself to see just how cooling it is.

Ear Infection: I have a great post already with a recipe about garlic oil drops, but if your little one won’t let you put anything in his ear, this is just as effective. Frankincense/Lavender/ Basil/Tea Tree. On a cotton ball diluted and rubbed all around the ear and inside. No drops. Just rubbed around the outside. So easy.

Mastitis: Poke Root. This is obviously for mommies, but its amazing and keeps you off antibiotics! It’s not an oil but it’s natural and cures this horrible problem immediately.

Boost Milk Supply: Fennel. Rub on and around the breasts.

Anxiety: Stress Ease and Rescue Remedy are lifesavers. Both by different companies. For really effective and immediate relief, Passionflower Tincture will take the cake. Make sure if you are breastfeeding to talk to your doctor before using these.

Nausea or Vomiting: doTerra DigestZen. Great blend for tummy issues. Rub on your child’s tummy as needed. You can look up the ingredients and check other companies for similar blends.

Teething: Roman Chamomile, Lavender, White Fir. Roman Chamomile is very mild and has been used for centuries to treat teething pain. You could apply this along the jawbone, or you can soak a wash cloth in cool water with a drop of Chamomile Oil and let them suck on it. It’s a very safe way to treat teething. You can use Lavender in the same way, or mi the two and put in a roller bottle for constant use. White Fir is a strong analgesic and is recommended for pain and inflammation throughout the body and has been used for centuries by Native Americans for this use. You would rub White Fir (diluted) directly onto the gums. Test this on yourself first and do a patch test on your baby before you dig right in. If you are feeling adventurous, mix all three in a roller bottle (diluted) and rub onto the gums. I have stopped having to dilute because with time I found that my kids have not had a sensitivity to any oils yet, but with a new oil I always dilute at first.

Roller Bottle teething Blend:

2-3 drops Lavender
2-3 drops Roman Chamomile
2-3 drops White Fir
20-30ish drops of a carrier oil
Fill a 5ml roll on bottle
Use as needed by applying to jaw line, or applying a tiny bit on your finger and rubbing onto the gum.

Your Medicine Cabinet Makeover should have these basics:

  • Lemon
  • Lavander
  • Frankincense
  • Thieves or OnGuard
  • Oregnao
  • Peppermint
  • Breathe
  • Malaleuca or Tea Tree
  • Peace & Calming (Sleep Aide, Anxiety, Hyperactivity)
  • Cedarwood (Sleep Aide)
  • Passion Flower / Stress Ease / Rescue Remedy (Anxiety)
  • Any Teething Oils mentioned above.

I will be doing a post on my favorite home cleaning recipes using essential oils soon. Remember, whether it’s medicinal or for cleaning, always use glass bottles when you are dealing with oils. They are extremely potent and can eat through plastic. You can find all your glass bottle and roller bottle needs here.





4 thoughts on “Replacing your Medicine Cabinet – Essential Oils

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  2. Hi, i was also using whole food brand oils for diffusing and cleaning. But now am very interested in using better grade oils. I have two friends that sell EO one uses YL and the other DoTerra so not sure which company to go with for a starter kit. I was wondering what you hzve been using as a cold preventive for your son. My two year gets colds every couple of weeks and then has breathing issues (reactive airway disease). Also, i have a baby due in a few months so im also very interested in the sleep aid you used for your infant. Thanks!

    • Sounds like me! Either company you chose is equal in my opinion (they will say differently). They are both really high quality and pure oils. I use both, you can’t go wrong at all. The one I use for cold prevention and treatment is either OnGuard or Four Thieves, made by both companies and the same blend essentially. My toddler was literally getting a cold as soon as he finished his last cold for over a year again and again. Now he starts a cold and I overdose him on oil and it never developes. He didn’t even miss school. I also use Breathe on his chest to open his airways and help with coughing and blocked nose, diffusing it at night to help him sleep. For baby sleep, I mix Lavender, Peace & Calming, and Cedarwood. It worked without the Cedarwood, I added that recently. I diffuse Breathe for the baby when he has a blocked nose or a cough too. It’s amazing, he sleeps through the night even if he is sick when I use the diffuser.
      Good luck!!!!!

      • Thanks so much for the quick response. Please post more on EO as you experiment more and create different recipes. : )

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