DIY Mason Jar Christmas Decorating

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I love mason jars. We drink from them, we put flowers and plants in them, we store baby food in them, they are a staple in our home. Mostly because it is the one type of glassware we don’t break. Plus, it has a lid and looks really cute. So here are some ideas for the mason jar lover out there who feels like having some fun crafty time with the little ones.

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Replacing your Medicine Cabinet – Essential Oils

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Wow, has my life been changed by using these guys. I’m an idiot. A good friend told me all about these about 2 years ago and while I did listen, I never fully explored or embraced the uses of essential oils. I loved them, I felt that they made my house smell amazing, but I didn’t fully encompass the healing powers until now. Flash forward to my second baby, little to no sleep, desperate, and I am reminded by several other mothers that essential oils may do the trick to help my baby sleep through the night (after I also break him of the atrociously bad sleep habits I had aided him in forming as well). My first night using essential oils on my 6 month old and IMMEDIATELY he sleeps 12 hours through the night and blew my mind. THE FIRST NIGHT. Talk about instant results!!!

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Plastic Alternatives in the Household

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Plastic is awful. I mean, it’s convenient and is easy to use and comes in all kinds of fun colors and patterns to seduce us, but underneath all that flirtation is a big skull and crossbones. I know, but my plastic is BPA free! Ok, good for your plastic. But scary new research has come out reporting that “almost all” commercially available BPA free plastics that were tested leached synthetic estrogens—even when they weren’t exposed to conditions known to unlock potentially harmful chemicals, such as the heat of a microwave, the steam of a dishwasher, or the sun’s ultraviolet rays. According to research, some BPA-free products actually released synthetic estrogens that were more potent than BPA. AH!!!

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Things no one tells you about labor…..and after

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Are you ready for this? Or maybe you have already had kids and have gone through this. Either way, not one mommy would disagree with these cold hard facts about during and after labor. Here is what you are in store for.

1. No matter how much you prepare and how many cute colored bold fonted words you express onto paper in your perfect birth plan, labor is a war zone. You will never be able to predict exactly what kind of labor you will have, and almost always you will be sent back to medieval times when we were at our most primal forms of mankind. One minute you are finishing off your In-N-Out burger and basking in the sun as a respectable member of society, the next you are making low grunting tones and stomping around looking for a way to get to the damn hospital.

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Sugar – My mortal Enemy

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I have always had a bit of a sweet tooth. My husband used to scoff at me when we first started dating until I changed him over to my way of things and got him hooked on the sweets too. But he never really mowed down a batch of cookies the way I could. He would maybe have 4 or 5 and move on. Not me, I would easily get through the entire batch as a treat after breakfast. Then after lunch, maybe a pack of M&M’s. Then as a late afternoon snack I may have some Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Butter Cups, like a whole box. Then of course ice cream for after dinner. The cycle would repeat, and now 10 years later I am writing this post. After my second baby was born in March I used my lack of sleep as a great reason to just binge on my sugar. Like, BINGE. Sugar for breakfast, sugar for lunch, soda, Italian soda, Orangina, candies, and on and on and on and on and on. Candy in all corners of the house, wrappers everywhere. How are you so skinny after 2 kids Regan? Oh, well maybe it’s because I don’t eat any real food and sugar really fills me up so I really don’t have to eat much of anything else??? Then the day came. My 6 month old slept 12 hours right through the night. And the next night. And the next night. I suddenly had no “reason” for this type of sugar consumption anymore. No excuse. Yet here I was macking down on it day after day. I realized long ago I may have an actual addiction. Now I was staring in the mirror face to face with the reality that I did. I had a massive, ungodly addiction. One day at work, staring at the immense crafty table filled with all of my favorite junk foods, I decided to eat a banana. Then an apple. Then some raw nuts. Then water. I spent the 12 hour work day snacking on all things my body could actually use, and it was HARD. But I made it through!!! That night I went home and had a horrible headache, my first headache in 15 years. I went to sleep. When I woke up, I could barely move. My head was pounding, my brain was foggy, my arms were weak and I felt like I could throw up.

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