Homemade Fun and Games


It is a constant struggle to keep my almost 2 year old entertained, I give him a new toy and it lasts about 1 day before it is old news. But there are a few fail safe games he loves and if I put a new twist to them he gets re-interested and begins fresh again with renewed interest. But, I am still trying to think outside the box and switch things up, so here are a few of the homemade ideas that not only worked in our house but stand the test of time. Boys or girls alike will love each and every one of these games and I dare them to not stay interested. Here they are….

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Essential Hospital Bag List


Okay, I am preparing both mentally and physically for this baby number 2 to come into our lives and create havoc out of our otherwise serene family environment. In doing so, I realized I completely forgot most things in the last two years about what the hell I am doing and what a newborn even needs. How does labor work again? How far apart are contractions before I go to the hospital? What do I pack??? So I looked back a bit into my notes from last time and decided to post this list in the rare case that I may decide 2 years from now to have a baby number 3, if number 2 is a perfect dreamboat. What are the chances?

So, without further ado, here is my ultimate hospital packing list for labor:

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Fevers – Our friend!

Screen Shot 2014-02-01 at 8.09.37 PM

The first time Jack got a fever I was panicked. Horrified. I thought he was going to die. I called the doctor in the middle of the night expecting him to tell me to go straight to the emergency room. Not only did he NOT advise me to go straight to the hospital, he also didn’t sound too concerned about a 103 fever at all. He asked a few questions and then said to keep my son comfortable and hydrated and to use fever reducers only if he seemed in pain or achy. I was shocked.

Now, many many MANY fevers later and less of a nervous wreck about every little thing, I have learned exactly why my doctor was not on high alert about my son’s fever. It’s because fevers are good! And after lots of research it makes perfect sense why they are good. Here is the skinny:

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