Glass Bottle Maintenance (a.k.a. Algae Anyone?)


Last year I switched out all of my plastic from my cupboards for glass mainly because of all the health related research that has been published over the last year about plastic leaching chemicals like BPA and other nasty things contributing to Miscarriages, Alzheimer’s and Cancer etc. The FDA has yet to make a final call on banning some of these chemicals in our plastic so obviously we have to do a preemptive strike and protect ourselves first. No use being the guinea pig! So we switched out all of out Tupperware and drinking containers for glass and it has been absolutely wonderful. I did run into one tiny problem with glass though, in the carafes and water bottles I began to notice a light green film at the bottom, algae. I am not afraid of algae, some is even good for you. But no, no I don’t want algae in my drinking water. And in some of my bottles it is downright impossible to get in there and clean the bottom. So, I googled a way to get the algae out and was SHOCKED to hear advice telling me to use BLEACH!!! Seriously OMG. I would drink algae any day of the week before I put a downright POISON in my beautiful glasses to clean them!! I was laughing out loud, but at the same time I had no solution to my problem. And now I do.

You will need:

  • 1 glass bottle with some algae at the bottom
  • 1 TBSP baking soda
  • 1 large splash of white vinegar
  • 1 large splash of boiling water
  • 1 TBSP rice

Swish this mixture around and the algae is gone is seconds. Rinse out and you are done! If you want you can add some soapy water and swish that around before you add your drinking water. But rest assured you will have a super clean, disinfected and crystal clear drinking bottle at the end of this extremely easy process. And no death bleach necessary. (Many comments under the bleach suggestions said it didn’t work anyways!) You will probably only need to do this once a week, so glass is still quite low maintenance.

If you are looking for amazing glass bottles to store your drinking water, IKEA has some like the one pictured above that cost around $4 a bottle which is insane considering I saw them at Pottery Barn for $16 each for the same look. We get so many compliments when we have dinner parties and use our beautiful bottles for our guests.


8 thoughts on “Glass Bottle Maintenance (a.k.a. Algae Anyone?)

  1. I have 5 gallon bpa free plastic water jugs that I just noticed algae growing in, has anyone tried this in them? Minus the boiling water. I’ve been searching for a solution and I’m really hoping to avoid bleach.

    • I’m sure this will work for just about any container. Vinegar is gentle and effective, but I wouldn’t use any essential oils in plastic because they can eat away at it.

  2. HI! I am so going to try this trick! Only I have a few questions.. how much exactly of the water and vinegar is a large splash roughly?
    And is this a one bottle use or can you use it only numerous? Reason I ask is that I came across a good find of old bottles and mason jars from a yardsale…but silly me left them outside sitting for to long..and they began to grow lol yup all green and slimy. I put them through the dishwasher today as I had no clue how to clean them…but they are still dirty looking 😦
    Do I was interested on your remedy to see if it will do t trick!!

    • Yeah, the dishwasher is useless in this situation. Just use really hot water and pour the vinegar with some rice and shake shake shake! Add some lemon juice to help sanitize if they are extra dirty.

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