Descanso Gardens


What an amazing place to take your kids. Seriously. It’s a place where you don’t always have to say “no” or “don’t do that” constantly to your children. They can run around, free and wild, on acres and acres of beautiful land. Some have gardens, some are rural, some are just wide open spaces with trees. You will find mazes, koi ponds, fountains and streams. Bring a lunch and lay on the grass and relax. If you forget lunch they have a wonderful cafe with outdoor seating. This place is so close by to the Los Angeles residents that it is now a favorite in our family. It took us 17 minutes to get

there from Studio City yesterday. Sadly the only downfall is the price to get in. Free for kids under 5, but adults are $9 each. Seeing as this place is so close and Jack loved it so much I decided to just buy a year pass which allows for 2 adults entry with kids and costs $70. I think it’s so worth it in every way, I pay the same for a month at an indoor play-gym and this is sooooooo much better than that! This is the face of a happy child bonding with nature:


So worth it.

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