Anti-sickness Remedies for Winter


There is no reason why you should get sick this season just because everyone else decides to. Seriously, by taking care of yourself and keeping up with an easy personal hygiene routine, you will be protected from illness all season long. Here you go…

1) Obvious: Wash your (and your child’s) hands all the dang time. No need for anti bacterial soap either, a study came out that even the most gentle and natural soap will eliminate germs just as well as long as you really give your hands a good lather. Suds people, suds. Also, keeping your nails and your child’s nails short will really help as well.

2) Elixirs: This is a tea that can change your whole life. Drink every day or just when you feel something coming on. So easy and made from kitchen ingredients you already have.

1 cup boiling water
1/2 lemon, juiced
1 tablespoon raw honey (I use Raw Honey with Manuka which is insanely good for you but costs more too)
A few sprinkles of cayenne

The healing powers of Cayenne Pepper are huge, and by mixing with honey and lemon, there is nothing this elixir can’t do. Drink it all day every day, it’s amazing. Add ice if you want a refreshment instead.

3) Garlic: Warning: This is hardcore. But if you feel the first signs of sickness coming on, this is a sure fire way to boot the illness out by boosting your immune system 10 fold. But, as I said, hard core. Every bite I take I say out loud to myself, “Dang” and chew as fast as I can. Although, some people like it, so there you have it. Here it is:

Basically, mince garlic as small as you can. Then butter some toast with a good amount of butter and spread the minced garlic on top. Sometimes when I am daring I put 3 to 4 huge cloves, sometimes just 2 big guys. It’s worth it though, this will make you feel better almost instantly, and if done every day a few times a day you will escape the throws of illness for sure.

If you are already sick, these are still great natural remedies. They boost the immune system enough to fight the cold off much faster, no need to despair.

Good luck!!

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