Toddler Busy Bags

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So now that I am the proud parent of an almost 2 year old, I find the challenges have shifted from lack of sleep and free time for mommy, to constantly keeping my child from running off mommy. This means in waiting rooms, grocery stores, sandwich shops, restaurants, long car rides, wherever. Jack is a mad man and zips off before I can even blink. If we are somewhere that I need to get something accomplished it can get a bit tricky and create tons of unwanted cardio for me. And now that I am expecting a new addition to the family I ask myself “How on earth am I going to do anything for the new baby when Jack needs me 24/7?”

So is this the be all end all solution I am presenting to you now? No. But it will bide some time which is all we can hope for as parents. The Busy Bag. This is a small bag you can take on the go or use at home. You can make one, you can make 20, either way it gives your child something to keep their attention and learn while you can handle your business. It’s wonderful for stimulating their minds and giving you a break at the same time. When you are ready to give full attention to your little one again, you simply put the bag back together again and move on with your day. So, here are some great ideas I’ve stolen from random Busy Bags around the globe. Also, if you are exhausted and don’t feel like making one of your own, Etsy has LOTS you can choose from pre-made and ready to go!

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Amazing Butternut Squash Soup

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I have been making butternut squash soup since Jack was been born, mostly because I used it for his first pureed foods and loved the taste. I don’t think I even thought of a squash until parenthood, but as soon as you have a baby all you hear about is squash this and squash that. And then you’re hooked on squash mania forever. It’s so nutritious and yummy, and soup is so perfect for this winter weather. But as much as I liked the soups I made, I had yet to find a mind blowing recipe. I would just try a new one each time. Those days are done. Over. Found it. Continue reading