Oh my God Coconut Oil


I don’t even have enough words to describe the love affair I have with Organic Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut Oil (say that 3 times fast). Wait, I do have enough words and here they are.


The benefits of coconut oil to both our beauty and our health are amazing, and it is such an affordable product (around $4 a jar) that there is no reason not to have back stock of this stuff in your home at all times. I have been using it for years but it made it to the blog today due to its assistance on a personal problem I have been having recently. Here’s the rundown on all it’s uses…

Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment: So you just went ombre with your hair? Little bleach made the ends feel like you had the head of a troll doll? Coconut oil is rich in Vitamin E! Before bed, wet your hair and apply coconut oil as a deep conditioning treatment. For really bad hair, put a towel over your pillow and your hair in a bun and leave it in overnight. For maintenance, just do the treatment for an hour or so and then wash. Either way your problems are solved and your hair is healthy, strong and shiny again.

Skin Moisturizer: For the same reasons listed above, you can use this all over your body and your skin with LOVE it. The oils found in the coconut have a positive antioxidant action in the body. This means they help your body stop the damage to other healthy fats and tissues in our body. Oxidation is considered a major contributor to cardiovascular problems and skin aging. Coconut oil can actually help our bodies reduce the need for antioxidant intake. It’s also recommended as an all natural alternative for babies after bath time instead of store bought lotion. Completely safe and effective with no side effects.

Eye Makeup Remover: No real explanation here, you just run a little through your hands and massage it over the eyes. Then gently wipe makeup away with a cotton ball and you are all set. Its anti-aging properties make it great for the delicate skin around the eyes too.

Losing Weight: Coconut fats have special fats called medium chain triglycerides (MCTs). It has been shown that breaking down these types of healthy fats in the liver leads to efficient burning of energy. One study found that women who consumed 30 milliliters (about 2 tablespoons) of coconut oil daily for 12 weeks not only did not gain more weight, but actually had lowered amounts of abdominal fat, a type of fat that is difficult to lose, and were less at risk for heart problems. It has an added benefit of increasing energy as well! I mean, how bad to we need increased energy?? BAD!

(This last reason is for girls eyes only)

Feminine Stuff: A few things to note in this section. 1) Your vagina benefits GREATLY from coconut oil. It is an extremely versatile anti-fungal that is really easy to add to your diet (or apply topically). You can drink it as a supplement, or just use it as a replacement for other cooking oils. Coconut oil contains 3 different fatty acids (Caprylic Acid, Capric Acid, Lauric Acid) that have each been found to be effective against Candida yeast. Long story short, if you are feeling something happening (down there) then simply using coconut oil as a lotion (down there) could help stop the problem in its tracks. 2) (And not to offend anyone but it is an amazing and healthy lubricant as well, so good for you it’s almost like killing two birds with one stone if you catch my drift).

Whether used on the outside of the body or in, you can’t go wrong with adding this product to your daily regime!

And p.s.- Of course my personal problem was dry hair, you know that…..

2 thoughts on “Oh my God Coconut Oil

  1. Great blog. I was diagnosed with vaginal atrophy from menopause and my gyno suggested cold pressed virgin coconut oil to insert when needed, and it has helped immensely. My husband is thrilled with the results, after 28 years of marriage the loving has never been better.

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