Feeling Stressed? Yes you are, don’t lie……

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Of course you get stressed, you are trying to make dinner with a child¬† having a nervous breakdown on the kitchen floor and throwing the peas that you just cooked all over the place causing you to start all over. One of the main reasons I even have this blog is because of my need to vent about all the nervous breakdowns I had NO IDEA I would be having once Jack popped out of my body. Right? We all thought we would just set them in the car and run errands and life was all smooth sailing, not set them in the car and have them immediately start scream crying and dump their snack upside down all over themselves and the seat and fight the car seat buckle like it was their last act on this earth. Deep breath in, deep breath out. I haven’t vented in a while because I think I became used to these problems occurring in my life, unlike the beginning when its like a car crash in your face. Now I know that when I use the bathroom, I will never again be alone. I know that when I stay out late with friends, that’s the morning Jack will wake up insanely early. I don’t have any false hopes anymore. The hopes are gone.

This is not a rant, or a vent. This is a mom who is confronted with other moms trying to say they have it all together and life is so easy. No it isn’t. Don’t lie. And today I stumbled across another mom who felt the same as I do and she created a website for other mothers who also have hard days (aka all of them). So of course I had to share! Her website has a lot to it including recipes and craft ideas, sex advice (and complaints) and venting on the side. It’s exactly what we need in life right? I believe there is even a section you can share some personal vents for other mom’s to see, something I can really get on board with. It’s all about bonding together and the therapy that comes out of that right?? So let’s all thank Felicity Huffman and fall in love with her website together. Enjoy!


Working Out at Home

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Not enough time in the day, yes there is. Not enough money for a gym membership, uh uh. Don’t own any weights or exercise equipment, nerp! Nike Training App is free, awesome, makes me insanely sore and can start you on an easy level and work you up to a master of your own body. So on days where the kids are a handful and you really don’t have time to make it to Pilates or go for that hike, bust this puppy out! Honestly, it will make you feel strong from the inside out again, give you back the muscles you thought were gone forever and actually increase the energy that you once believed had been drained completely by the succubus children. I promise you that even if you don’t feel like it everyday, you will be so glad you did.

*Side-note: The girls who will be training you on your app will have ridiculously impossible bodies which will either motivate you further or really piss you off, either way it’s a win win for an intense workout.

Get it on girl!

Travel Town

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Travel Town is next level amazing. It is located in the picturesque Zoo district of Los Angeles and boasts so many things to do and see that Jack would have spent the rest of his life there if we had let him. First off, it’s free. As in free free. No hidden costs or anything like that. You walk in to find that the grounds are beautiful and grassy, almost all covered in trees so there is plenty of shade. I highly recommend bringing a picnic basket and blanket and just relaxing on a hill somewhere while your child plays. There are several old trains right when you walk in, but after a little walk further inside you will find where all the fun is. Tons of vintage trains to play in (you can even host birthday parties inside of them which I may do for Jack) as well as toy trains and track laid out on the ground where all the kids can play with their own trains and tunnels. (You just need to visit the nice lady sitting on the bench with a huge box, hand her your I.D. and she will rent you 2 trains for free). You can visit the museum to see some other vintage trains, and then top off your visit with a train ride around the park. It is such a great time, and only about 10 minutes drive from where I live so I’m pretty lucky.

Choo choo!

Travel Meals

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Every time I go anywhere, whether it be the beach or a trip to my parents house or even just a play date, I find myself using a ton of little food containers and filling them with snacks and berries and even using my glass Tupperware sometimes to bring along a lunch for Jack. So let’s stop doing that because these products are awesome. It’s genius, and I can see Jack using this all through school as well. First there is a company called Planet Box (www.planetbox.com) and I’m in love. They so easily pack all of Jacks lunches, snacks and berries wherever we go. It comes in a cute carrying case and has an airtight sauce container as well. They run a little expensive but should last forevs. The second is a fabulous company called Bento, all of their products are made from recycled material and the product itself is also recyclable. The price is also much better than Planet Box. You also get TONS of fun accessories from Bento too, like hard boiled egg molds that look like bears or fun cupcake molds. Give them a try, love love love.¬† Done and done. Enjoy!!!