Farming Good Times


We are constantly trying to get out and do something fun with Jack on the weekends. One thing that is always a sure fire hit is a visit to a Pick-your-own Farm, where you can pick your own fruits and vegetables as a family. Usually there are a few other activities thrown in on the side like horseback riding, animal petting zoos, tractor rides, and starting each September….Corn Mazes!

My all time absolutely favorite one in the history of time (so far) is called Underwood Family Farms


This place is a little bit of a drive, roughly about 40 minutes or so from Los Angeles. BUT, it is a mecca for little ones. Clean, beautiful, full of trees and grass and animals and rides you will have the time of your life. Bring a picnic with you and make a day out of it. I found the vegetable picking part something that I didn’t even have time for, so next time we go we have to make it more of a priority. I wish this was around the corner, I would have a season pass.

Now for the next little gemstone I have found…….. it’s a website. And on this website, you can find all your closest neighborhood farms and details about what they offer, what fruits and veggies they have available to pick and activities they have going on (like the super fun corn mazes). That’s not all. It will also tell you how to make homemade jam, jelly, salsa, pickles, spaghetti sauce, applesauce, apple butter, and 150 more recipes you can store and preserve in your own kitchen. YUM! This website isn’t glamorous but it is the exact information that I crave to know about. Here’s the website:

I am visiting this farm next weekend for some tractor rides, veggies and corn maze fun. It’s 17 minutes from my house in Los Angeles, who would have thought!



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