All Natural Cleaner


When I use most floor cleaners to mop my floors, I’m usually left walking around on a sticky but clean surface. I don’t have hours to clean the floor and then rinse them all over again with water to remove any residue. I like to clean, but I don’t LOVE to clean. Not that much. And, you already know I have stopped all usage of toxic chemicals in my house as well, so I have been using Wholefoods bought natural stuff. This STILL leaves my floor a tad bit sticky after I use it. Clean, but sticky.

SO! Here is the easiest recipe of all time and it is 100% natural and won’t cause harm to your health or your family’s health AND gets your floor (and house) super clean and bacteria free!!!!!!!

1. Fill sink or bucket with warm water

2. Add 1 healthy squirt Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap

3. Add 1 cup White Vinegar

4. Add 10 drop Tea Tree Oil

5. Add the juice from from 1 Lemon

That’s it folks. Clean floors, clean house, clean toilets, clean conscious, happy planet, happy baby, happy husband, and happy mommy. No sticky residue, and the combination of ingredients will have your house sparkling and germ free. Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “All Natural Cleaner

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  2. Great! I have all 3 ingredients on hand 🙂 Just a quick Question… how would you describe 1 healthy squirt? haha Sorry I have a heavy hand!!

    • I have a heavy hand too! It’s not going to kill anyone if you put too much, but I guess if you count to 2 pretty quickly that would be the amount. And I squeeze pretty firmly so it’s a good amount of soap coming out. Play around with it, you might like less! Or more!!! 😉

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