Toys that your child will actually LIKE (For under $10)

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Since having Jack, I have learned one very important lesson: He goes through toys like the wind. I can buy him any gift in the world and with a few exceptions he will play with it for a day and then it’s old news. So now I have boxes and boxes of toys that he couldn’t care less about. It sucks. And to add salt to the wounds, people buy him new toys all the time. I mean, it’s so sweet, but all I think of is, “Well there is another piece of junk to add to the heaps of other junk.” It’s really is sad. Also, anyone who has kids will agree, kids always LOVE playing with things that aren’t toys, and they NEVER get tired of it. Things like kitchen bowls and spoons, measuring cups, straws, REMOTE CONTROLS, cell phones, you name it. So without droning on and on, I have recently retired all of Jack’s old toys to the garage/man cave (to my husbands dismay) and have started creating toys that keep Jack interested and can also help him learn and develop. Here are a few and I will add more when I can: Continue reading

Diaper Genie – With a Twist

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I didn’t go for the whole Diaper Genie at first. I was like, “Why do I need that? My small trash can with the lid works just fine! Yay me!” And then Jack became older and older and his poops started smelling worse and worse and finally I was like, “Dang boy!” and I buckled and bought one. First thing that came to my mind, besides that I wished I had thought of this genius invention myself and was making millions from it, was that it seemed very un-eco-friendly and that it also seemed a little expensive. I mean, the refills are like $16 (which means about $400-$500 a year), they only last a short time, and none of it is biodegradable. I bought one anyways because of the stink, but immediately worked on figuring a way around both the cost and the anti-earth friendly aspects of my new purchase. BOOM, done and done. Here is the skinny.

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