Homemade Hair Masks


Homemade hair masks are the BEST thing you can do if you feel you have dry, lifeless hair. We use masks on our face, we spend tons of money getting our hair dyed and cut, but we neglect the hair aftermath and upkeep. It’s a shame, especially when it’s so easy to do at home and for virtually no money! These masks are SO effective at keeping my extra long locks full of body and moisture. And if you just do it even once a week, maybe before bed while you are watching your favorite show, it is a relaxing and fun way to beautify your look. So, here are a few tips, leading with my favorite recipe.

Organic raw honey
Extra virgin olive oil

Mix this to the consistency you like. Heat this in the microwave and apply from the roots to the tips. The longer you leave it on the better the results. Put you hair in a bun and go about your evening while it works its magic. Your hair will be so much softer and shinier. Here are the benefits of a few more home ingredients that you can incorporate together as well, I always mix and match.

Avocado oil contains: vitamin A, variety of micro elements and fights with dryness of hair.

Olive oil: prevents dandruff, adds shine and softness to hair. Repairs damaged hair and split ends.

Jojoba oil: moisturizes and adds shine to hair.

Flax oil: moisturizes dry, damaged and dyed hair, restores hair structure.


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