My pack n’ play savior

The pack n’ play is good for many things, but sleeping is NOT one of them. It comes with a “mattress” made from a board with almost no padding. Laying jack down to sleep on this thing was like Chinese torture, for both him and us. And I don’t blame him! It’s awful! After several trips to baby stores I have found that no mattress is made for the pack n’ play except a flimsy plastic one with no padding as well, which Jack saw right through and again tossed and turned, and cried. A lot. After half of his one year on this planet and zero solutions I had just about given up until BOOM! A fellow mother came to my rescue and asked me to look into the Mamadoo travel mattress. I immediately went home, googled it, and there it was. Angelic voices were suddenly singing all around me. A fold up mattress that was and comfy and incorporated the board mattress that came with the pack n’ play.

Since using this mattress, it is like I put Jack to sleep in his own crib! I don’t even use a sheet on top, it is that comfy. The mattress is made of organic material, and fits in our luggage. How ridiculous is that? In our dang luggage? I can’t speak enough on this subject, just know that it is the be all end all solution to all travel sleep problems and you need to look no further.

Feast your eyes. You’re welcome.



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