Baby Carriers for All Ages

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This is the most important thing you will decide to buy for yourself, in my opinion. I mean, carrying the baby is what you will now do all day, every day, for the rest of time. (Or till they can walk at least). We made the best decisions EVER when we bought each and every one of our baby carriers, and they all were extremely useful and worth the money as Jack grew. So far in Jack’s 1 year of life, he has been to 3 different countries. (I am about to do a post on traveling long distances with your baby as well). The carriers we used were not only life saving for plane travel, but for parties, hiking, and anything else you can think of! So here is the breakdown age by age…


Phase ONE: 0-3 months: You find yourself with a new being who cannot open their eyes, can’t hold up their head, can’t roll round, and was just thrust from the most warm and comfortably safe environment of all time. You absolutely need a wrap of some kind. I used the MOBY WRAP for this age and I felt it was worth one thousand times what I paid. Here is the skinny: The Moby Wrap basically swaddles baby to your belly and chest, and puts baby back into the dark warm womb like atmosphere. Great for baby right? They go right to sleep! But it’s great for mommy and daddy too! My husband used this more than I did! Strap the newborn on and you are hands free to sit outside and read, grocery shop, cook dinner, clean the house, you name it. You barely notice baby is there! And because the baby is safe feeling and swaddled, you have no need to be quiet! We had 15 people over for a BBQ when Jack was 3 months old and he snoozed the whole time in the Moby as we all ate and talked and played cards. I can’t praise the Moby enough, I mean it. And it may look confusing when you buy it, but go to Youtube and watch a quick tutorial and you will have it down in no time. Jack slept through our flight to England in this wrap as well.  Note to Mommies: You can breastfeed SO EASILY on the go with this wrap, there are a few tutorials online for this as well.

Now, the Moby is made of thick material and it can also have a lot of extra material if you are petite like me. The Boba Wrap is EXACTLY the same as the Moby but with a more breathable, lightweight material. I have heard great things about it and in hindsight I may opt to use this one instead. If the wrapping of baby looks too confusing and not something you are interesting in learning, you can purchase the K’tan Wrap. Basically still a wrap, but without the need to twist and tie and maneuver. Much easier and gets great reviews.

Anyway you decide, just PLEASE do yourself a favor and make life a thousand times easier for yourself by using some kind of wrap for your baby. An added bonus: Because they are sleeping on you instead of flat on their backs all the time, they are way less likely to get Plagiocephaly, or Flat Head Syndrome on their head. Keeping them from laying constantly on their back allows their head to remain nice and round!


Phase TWO: 3-8 Months: Your baby will not want to be held down so much after 3 months, they want to see whats going on around them! There are several carriers for this phase, some more stylish that others. I have the only suggestion for you HANDS DOWN: The ERGO Carrier. Here’s why: Baby is developing fast! When you put baby in a carrier, you want to make sure it is good for their hips and backs to develop! The Ergo is one of the only carriers designed with the baby’s alignment in mind. It is actually not great for baby to be facing forward and away from you, their bodies aren’t meant to bend and develop in that way. The Ergo keeps them against you and supported, as well as being the best carriers for mommy and daddy’s backs as well. That is just the beginning. This carrier also has a little hood you can pull over your baby’s head when they get tired and want to nap on the go. This was HUGE, because Jack loved napping against us and once again you are hands free with a sleeping baby making life so easy. We could never go on any plane or to any day trip away without it in case he needed to nap on the go and couldn’t seem to sleep in the stroller. With the hood cover you can block out the sun so they can sleep undisturbed!


One more for this phase which I couldn’t live without: THE MAYA WRAP. The thing about this wrap is that it is so easy, nothing to do but throw it on, throw baby in, and you are once again hands free. We have used it non stop since Jack was about 7 months and are still using it every day at 13 months.


Phase THREE: 8-? Months: This is our current fav. They definitely grow out of the Ergo and want to be more independent and look around and have freedom. We got the Deuter II, and so far it has been great for everything from hiking, shopping, acting as a high chair on the go, you name it. Jack will stay happy for hours in this thing, and that’s saying a lot. We are taking another trip to Europe next month and I think this may be our lifesaver. I will keep you posted.

So, in short, we would have died without each and every single one of these carriers. None were a waste of money and all have served huge purposes. We made out like bandits with these guys. Hope you enjoy!!!!!


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