Baby Carriers for All Ages

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This is the most important thing you will decide to buy for yourself, in my opinion. I mean, carrying the baby is what you will now do all day, every day, for the rest of time. (Or till they can walk at least). We made the best decisions EVER when we bought each and every one of our baby carriers, and they all were extremely useful and worth the money as Jack grew. So far in Jack’s 1 year of life, he has been to 3 different countries. (I am about to do a post on traveling long distances with your baby as well). The carriers we used were not only life saving for plane travel, but for parties, hiking, and anything else you can think of! So here is the breakdown age by age…

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Holy Raw Honey

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There isn’t enough space on this blog to write about the love affair I have with the golden beauty and benefits of raw honey. It is literally the be all end all to living healthy and it is the cure to a million ailments. Not to mention its benefits to weight loss! That’s right people! Firstly, let me just mention that I am specific in saying the word RAW when I talk about honey. I should also mention ORGANIC. The reason for this is because, without going into a long story about it, the bees making honey in a non organic setting are being sprayed with chemicals to fight a natural mite that likes to hang with the bees. They have found that spraying the bees with these mite killing chemicals has not only helped grow the mites stronger, it has made the honey very rich in the chemicals that the bees are sprayed with. In short, by having regular commercial honey from Ralph’s, you are enjoying a huge serving of disgusting and sickening chemicals. Yum. Organic Raw honey on the other hand has more benefits than you can even imagine. And if bought locally, can even cure ailments you may be having due to your surroundings…..

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