A baby free of Cradle Cap, Diaper Rash, and any other common affliction!

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This post is born from a conversation I had today about little Jack always being free of the ailments suffered by most babies, and how we made it possible. Babies almost always suffer from some kind of rash, whether it be diaper rash or skin rash, as well as the sad but inevitable cradle cap. Here is how we avoided/dealt with the issues.

Problem: Cradle Cap: So not pretty. This affliction is located in the obvious place, the head. Basically, it is a form of dry scalp that happens naturally because your baby starts out in life in a safe, warm and wet womb and gets transferred to a very dry place called planet earth. We saw Jack get the very beginning form of cradle cap and immediately put the humidifier in his room. It went away the next day, and never came back! Solution: Humidifier!

Problem: Red Body Rash: These happen for so many reasons. Sometimes it could be a new food that they are not used to and the body reacts. Sometimes it is dry skin and eczema.  In the first instance, if you have recently introduced a food to your baby, try cutting it out and see if the problem resolves. If it is dry skin, this is an easy fix. Switch to an all natural fragrance free soap for bath time and preferably one with Calendula in it. (Read the label! A million brands claim to be all natural, but unless you can pronounce the ingredients when you read them, it probably isn’t all that it claims to be). Switch to some kind of all natural detergent for the laundry, this was the problem for Jack. I thought mine was, it wasn’t, I started making my own, rash gone.

Problem: Diaper Rash: We never had this problem! My belief is that we have always used natural corn based diapers, natural wipes, home made tush spray full of things very healthy for the sensitive skin in that area. All with ingredients you could eat. The less chemicals, the better!

Problem: Eye Infection: When babies are born, the doctors say, “You HAVE to get antibiotic ointment spread on their eyes or they could get a serious infection!!” Then I ask, “Did your babies get the eye ointment?” Doctor answers, “Of course! But 2 out of 3 of my babies got the eye infection anyways…” Hmmmm….. Ok let’s think for a second. Your perfect, healthy, totally chemical free baby is born. And the first thing the doctors do is give your baby antibiotics. For no reason. (Actually, the owner of the antibiotic company making this drug has a great reason for making it mandatory for babies to have this when they are born, I mean, medicine is a HUGE business!) So, I asked the nurses not to give my baby ANYTHING in the delivery room, and although they looked at me like I was crazy, they obeyed. And Jack did get little yellow eye boogers about 3 weeks after he was born. And guess what!?!? I had the most amazing cure!!! Breast milk!! Breast milk is FULL of antibiotics that are natural for your little baby and keeps them free from disease if it is ingested AND used topically. Now don’t judge, I squirted Jack 3 times a day in his eyes and the infection was gone after 2 days. This treatment also works for any cuts they may get, breast milk is the ultimate healer!

So the main problems babies have, RESOLVED!

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