Oversized Ruler Height Chart


This is an easy and creative way to not only document the height of all your children, but if you ever should move, the height chart doesn’t have to stay behind! Your children can keep it until they have grown, and even use it for their children and their children’s children (and on and on). The best part is, you made it by hand for them to enjoy! Here is what I did.

1) Home Depot. I went to where they have leftover wood and found a piece that was exactly the right size. It cost $3.00.

2) Wood Stain, Rags, Sandpaper, Pencil

3) Black paint from Michael’s Craft Store and a few .99 brushes that were extra small. Also pick up some number stencils.

4) Painters tape.

Once you have all your items, turn on some music and be prepared to invest a little time on this. Its easy, but it does take time.


– After you have sanded and stained your wood, let it dry for about an hour.

– On the dry wood, use a measuring tape and mark with pencil onto the wood exactly where each inch is, and note down each foot.

– Take your tape and lay it down on the wood where the pencil mark lands in between the tape. Once it is down, you can begin to paint. NOTE: You begin with 2 short lines, then the 3rd will be slightly longer. Back to 2 short, 1 long. when you reach each foot, this will be your longest line.


Once you have them all down it should look like this:


Next, erase the pencil lines:


Add the stencil numbers and boom!


There will be imperfections, that’s the beauty of making things yourself! It will have your love and affection, and the imperfections will make it even better.


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