Breastmilk Popsicle


Wow, the creative minds are out there and they have a solution to everything! Jack has 2 current issues, 1) Teething. Ugh, it has finally happened. I don’t know if it’s molars that are coming in or what, but what a crab he has become. I fell so bad for the little guy. And we are helping in any way we can. Holistic Teething Tablets are awesome, (Wholefoods) and work miracles. But that is just about all you can do besides hand him a wide variety of chew toys and cooled teething gels. 2) He is refusing the bottle, and after 11 months of turning down most jobs that I get offered, I have finally jumped slowly back into the entertainment industry. So of course this sucks because I am filled with anxiety about Jack not getting the nutrients he really needs while I am working on set. (By the way we have tried everything, he is like “Get that damn bottle/sippy cup/medicine dropper out of my face.”)

SO! I looked online and read about giving your baby comfort from teething as well as nutrition with breast milk popsicles. Flaw #1: Well, this is actually the only real flaw, I don’t know why I numbered it and underlined it. The popsicle molds I have are for adult sized popsicles, so there is just zero chance he can or will eat one, it will be a HUGE mess, and a waste of breast milk to boot. Here comes the genius bit:

I found this pic online. Do you know what this is? This is someone who took a Binky and an  empty baby food jar, filled the food jar with milk, placed the binky on top with the nipple inside the milk, and froze it. GENIUS MASTERMIND! Pop the mini popcicle out, and not only does you baby LOVE it, it soothes their gums and gives them the milk they need! You can also do this with formula if your baby is off the breast.

Jack is loving these today, and I am in love with the minds of mothers everywhere for the creative inventions they can think of to help out our little ones.

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