Under 10 Minute Makeup

I decided to do a video tutorial because being a makeup artist I get so many people asking how to do a quick makeup, and mine usually takes around 7 minutes or less, so here is what I do from start to finish. I rush along to make the video shorter, but this is basically all about some simple techniques that you can use to create just about any look.

Don’t forget that when you do any makeup, try to be in the best lighting possible. During the day, that means natural light. This helps with the wow factor if you go outside and see yourself and it’s like, “Oh my god, what have I done” kind of comment.

Please note: This is just a basic “I am in such a hurry” type Makeup, obviously. So as this is not what I would be doing if I were on set, this is just my personal “quickie” if you will. And of course I picked a day when I had the least amount of sleep, so it just goes to show what a little makeup can do if you are hagsville. Enjoy!

**One more note: I start off by saying I am using a liquid concealer, but what I mean is a liquid foundation. Sorry about that, that’s what happens when you rush! 🙂


Foundation: I used Smashbox, and though I enjoy them I would prefer Laura Mercier or Bobbi Brown for a middle of the line type foundation. I don’t usually buy the extremely expensive stuff because, while they are amazing, I feel I can get just as much out of other brands at half the price.

Blush: I LOVE Stila Convertible Color. I use it everyday and on all my talent in set. It is a cream, it looks so natural and goes right into your skin, and they have THE BEST COLORS of all time. I’m a diehard fan, and every celebrity I have worked on gets converted to this immediately.

Bronzer: Bronzers are so easy to buy I think. They can be a compact or loose powder, just try a few and see which one works best. I used a Stila Bronzer but I am totally unfaithful and use all different kinds. Don’t spend too much money here.

Highlighter!!!! The key ingredient. I used “Kitten” by Stila, in a compact powder form. LOVE THIS. You can also use NARS in Orgasm. I love them both. When in doubt, I will even use a shimmer eyeshadow.

Mascara: Either Full n Soft by Mabeline or L’Oreal Voluminous.

Any questions??? Feel free to ask!!!

5 thoughts on “Under 10 Minute Makeup

  1. You make it look so easy! Regan , what to you do with wrinkled and deep lined skin. I was told no to us shimmer because of all the lines and extra skin on eyelids. Also what brushes do you suggest to buy.

    • That’s partly true Ilene, you would want to stick with a matte color on the lids of your eyes, but still a lighter color like vanilla. you can still use the shimmer in the inner most corner of the eye to create a youthful look. Just a little. Also, the shimmer on the cheek would be fine, just don’t bring the shimmer all the way up to where it is close to the outside of the eyes where crows feet tend to be. Keep it on the cheek and cheekbone. Exfoliating at least once a week is great to let the skin have a youthful glow as well. Thanks for asking! Let me know if you have any other questions!!

    • Sorry, I forgot the brushes question. I was just using the EcoTools which you can find at CVS, but as long as the brushes are soft then they any brushes work. Sephora have A LOT to choose from. Large fluffy brush to apply powder, medium round brush for bronzer and blush, flat brush for eyeshadow lid, small round brush for the eyeshadow in the crease. And a small angle brush for the eyebrows unless you are using a pencil. 🙂

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