The Diaper Dilemma

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As soon as we had Jack we thought, “Okay, diapers are something we need to think about very seriously.” The reason this was such a serious topic in our home was because we have always tried to do our best to leave as little impact on the planet as we could in life, and diapers are the be all end all of impact on our poor earth. But babies HAVE to wear them, so what could we do????
A child will go through several thousand diapers in the life. An estimates 27.4 billion disposable diapers are used in the United States each year, resulting in about 3.4 million tons of non biodegradable waste that will remain here forever. And forever is a long long time.

Screen Shot 2013-02-01 at 3.01.24 PM

When Jack was born we turned to a fabulous company called Dydee-Diapers ( It was the perfect solution for a newborn because of the convenience. They are a cloth diaper service (don’t be scared) and they deliver right to your door each week. They pick up the used diapers and drop off fresh ones. SO EASY. The company is eco friendly as well, so all the products they use are natural, non toxic, and the business is run on renewable energy. (Cue the symphony music). The cost of this service is about $89 a month, so it’s a little more expensive than regular diapers but they do throw in a photo shoot for free, so maybe that evens it out? Now, as much as we loved them, Jack started to get uncomfortable anytime his diaper was wet, so when he turned about 3 months old we decided to switch.
Then out of thin air, just as we were wondering what to do next, a girlfriend came to visit with her little one and I saw him wearing the cutest diapers I had ever seen. “Where did you get those????” I asked. She explained that they were made form plant based materials, no plastic, non toxic, and that they biodegrade in less than a month. Oh, and they also get delivered right to your door each month with a full supply of wipes. This product is made by THE HONEST COMPANY ( They have designer patterns to pick from and the cost is about $79 a month for diapers and wipes. Here is what you are already paying: Pampers ($72 a month) and wipes ($20 a month) is $92 a month. So by switching to these eco-friendly chemical free products, you may save a little money. Not only that, you don’t have to go out shopping to get them! I have been using Honest Company for 7 months now and I can say that I am such a satisfied customer. They also sell all natural home cleaning and personal care products!
So there you have it, the diaper dilemma solved.

If you aren’t looking to get signed up with Honest Company, a fabulous alternative is Earth’s Best Diapers. They are made in the same factory, same absorbancy (both rate highest absorbancy above all store brand diapers) and have the same Eco-friendly impact. Also, if you like the convenience of Honest being delivered to your door each month, Earth’s Best does it too! Go to and the link will take you to their Subscribe and Save program. It’s $42.00 a month with no shipping or tax for your full amount of diapers. That doesn’t include wipes, but that’s half the cost of Honest for almost the same product (the designs for Honest are way cute but are they worth double the price?).


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