Stepping it up a Notch

So last week I spent time trying, and succeeding, to go chemical free. It has actually been amazing, the house is fresh and clean and I feel free from a film on my skin of chemicals and perfumes. Jack has been coughing less and we are a happy little unit. I don’t even smell bad from the natural deodorant, although I do freshen up in the middle of the day with a little extra application. My hair is still adjusting to the natural shampoo, and I am trying all natural beauty products. I will write some reviews on what I like and what I hate beauty wise in a later blog, I have to make sure.

So, getting coffee a few days ago at my favorite cafe, I once again took a look at my actions and had a deep thought. Holding my disposable coffee cup I looked at the plastic top and thought, “This plastic coffee top will be used by me for a matter of around 15 minutes (or 5 seconds with the way I drink coffee if I am really being honest). Then I will throw it out and continue on with my day. “How long does a top like that last for after I throw it in the trash?”  I ask myself. The answer is, forever. That frikin’ coffee top that I use for 15 minutes (slash 5 seconds) every day and toss in the trash is ageless. It will last longer than my children, and my children’s children, and my children’s children’s children and so on. That plastic straw in my coke will also last forever. And the organic squeeze baby food I give to jack to eat on the go? Also lasts forever. About 25% of what we think will be recycled when we toss things in the bin are actually being recycled. I toss my take-out containers into the recycle bin and feel like my conscience is clear when really, that goes to a place where they take about 2 things out of 10 to recycle. It’s not their fault, only certain plastics can be recycled and it’s a lot less than we think. Also, unless you are cleaning and washing it before you put it in the bin, that also excludes it from the recycle pile. And they last FOREVER. (Not forever really, but a very long long long long long long time).

So yesterday morning I grabbed my favorite (and super cute) coffee mug from home and went out to get my morning coffee. “Is there anyway you could pour it in my own mug today?” I ask her. “Of course, no problem. I actually hate giving out all these disposable cups, so thanks for bringing your in.” And that was it. All this time and I could have saved a crap load of trash and waste and non biodegradable pollutants being put into the earth. So I am now taking it up a notch and deciding to try and create as little trash each month as I possible can. I will ask for glass cups instead of plastic, NO STRAWS, no more disposable anything. I even took a closer look at the bulk bins at Wholefoods and I now understand what they are for! You can get all your cereals and oatmeals and nuts etc, but without in coming wrapped in plastic. I always breeze right past those bins without a second thought, but tomorrow I will attempt to bring bags from home and get foods I use from bins instead.

This is a good beginning, Jack has made me stop and think about what I do and what my beliefs are. He is making me look in the mirror and stop going through life in some kind of fog, where I was living in an “out of sight out of mind” state really. I love this planet, it takes good care of us all and I feel I should be doing all I can to take care of it back. I mean, where would we all be if our Earth wasn’t there for us anymore? So we will see, the goal is for me to create as little trash as possible so I’m curious how much I can cut out.

If you are interested in feeling guilty as hell, here are some hard facts:

And here are a few great documentaries to make you feel super bad about everything you do:

Streaming on Netflix:

1) No Impact Man

2) Bag It

3) Chemerical: Redefining Clean

And COMPLETELY OFF THE SUBJECT but will still shock you into a stupor:

National Geographic: Inside North Korea

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