Sometimes it ain’t Easy

So the whole point of this blog isn’t to just pontificate about all the things I now know and spew them back out as if I hold the answers to the meaning of life, although sometimes it may seem that way when I learn something new and excitedly rant about how fabulous it is even though plenty of mothers have known these secrets for thousands of years. Every now and again, mainly now at the moment, you have a hard day. And funnily enough, the hard days always seem to have the most calamity of all time, just to dig the knife a little deeper. Today, it was one of those days. I just have to state that once upon a time I was a Makeup Artist in the entertainment industry, and the days at work used to be somewhere between 12 (if you are really really lucky) and 22 hours long. Then home for a bit of sleep and back at it again the next day. I am no newbie when it comes to hard work, actually I am a bit of a workaholic. So having this baby I thought that nothing could be harder work than what I am already used to, no problem.

Then days happen where you are sitting there thinking “Oh, my god. I am just so damn tired.” And unlike being on a regular job, you can’t take a 5 minute break and sit down and relax. So you try to dig deep for more energy in the hopes you can rest when the baby naps. And today, of course, no naps. So there you find me, depleted of any and all energy or will to live. And a cranky baby. So I let him do his favorite thing, run around the house naked. And suddenly I find him playing quietly in the closet by himself, happily. SCORE! I lay down on the ground behind him and relax. Then, what do you know, I find that he is now playing with his poo, which is all over the carpet and his legs and one of his hands. And as soon as I pick him up, it gets all over me. POO. ON. ME. That is the perfect end to a day like today. It happens. I’m sure I am not alone in this when I wonder to myself. “How the hell am I going to have ANOTHER baby!!!!” Seriously, I love it more than anything but whew!

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