Oh Holy Fever

What a couple of tough weeks! Just before Christmas Jack got his first cold, not great. It was your standard cold, runny nose with bubbles coming out every time he breathed, puffy eyes, the usual. Of course I had the humidifier blasting day and night with essential eucalyptus oils to help him breathe, and then a few times a day I would drum up the courage to go face to face with him and use the most torturous device known in the baby community,  the nose suction device. Holy Jesus, trying to suction anything out of that tiny nose meant I had to deal with slapping hands, swift head turns to the right and left, and a scream cry that sounded like I was giving him a bath in hot lava. The drama involved in each instance was enough to win this baby an Oscar nod at the very least, and I was so over it that I thought “Okay, no more”. But Jack needed it! So I said “Screw this awful bulb sucking device, there has to be a better way” and we headed out to CVS. And yes, there are many better ways and in my opinion these bulbs should just be taken off the market. Straight up banned even.
I purchased a device that looks like this:

Screen Shot 2013-02-02 at 11.34.16 AM

It was $20 and was a battery powered dream come true. You hit a button and the sucking begins, accompanied by lovely calming music. Now, Jack had the same Oscar winning reaction with this contraption as he did with the nasty bulb, but the difference was that it got the job done in one go. Literally, in the nose, suck, fill the little cup with mucus, done. And low and behold Jack was breathing fine again.
So 2 weeks of a fabulous cold, all better and healthy for 3 days, then BOOM. He wakes in the morning feeling hot enough to fry an egg on. I have never had him have a hot temp before, so after a quick rectal check I saw that he had a 103.4 temperature and I freaked out. I immediately gave him Tylenol, didn’t help at all. I put cold packs under his arms and on his head and after a quick chat to the doctor I learned that we would just have to ride this one out together, there was nothing we could do. These things happen supposedly, I’m new at this. It was so hard, Jack wasn’t himself at all. Just blank stares through red rimmed eyes. Also this started the very same day we had a big New Years Eve barbeque, so I had all my friends downstairs partying while I took care of poor little Jack upstairs. Awesome. Then after 3 days, poof. Done. He broke out in a rash all over his body (which is normal after a fever FYI) and now he is right as rain.
So a tough couple of weeks. You never know what will happen with these little ones. Plans are for people without kids. These guys keep you on your toes.

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