Hawaiian Vacation

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(The most important information of all time contained within this post for all future traveling happiness)

Ok, so when the idea presented itself to me, a Hawaiian trip with just my sister and mother as a kind of girls get away, I thought YES! We bought the tickets, booked the hotel, and off we were to 6 days of paradise with baby Jack in tow. ( I now use the term paradise loosely. As in Hell on earth.)

Going on a vacation with your baby and without your husband may sound manageable, even pleasant. You think, “My mom and sister are so great with Jack, I will get so much rest and free time. I can finally read my book!” Then you find yourself with a baby who doesn’t want to sleep on the plane, it’s too exciting. Then you have a baby who won’t sleep in the car on the way to the hotel, there is too much to see. Then you have a baby at the end of the day who forgot to nap and is screaming for dear life because the hotel crib happens to be a horrible pack n’ play (by the way no baby can sleep a comfortable night in a pack n play. It’s for playing, not for sleeping 12 hours in). And you have a mother and sister who are enjoying margaritas on the balcony while you spend the next 4 hours dealing with that. So here is the skinny.

I have traveled quite a bit with this little guy and I am always surprised by how much I learn each time. This time I have valuable information to share regarding cribs and hotels.

1) Ask the hotel in advance if they have an actual crib for babies, not a pack n’ play. Make sure it has an actual mattress.

2) If they do not, it is well worth your time to call a company for crib hire. YES! I have learned that there are baby rental companies that rent everything you could ever need in case you forgot it or had some kind of mishap or emergency. Its the best thing that could have happened to me. The crib I rented was gorgeous, made of wood, had an organic mattress and came with organic sheets out of the package. I almost cried. And as soon as I placed Jack inside he finally rolled over and got a good nights sleep.

These companies exist all over the world, but the one I used was amazing, friendly, and came when I called at 9 at night after I begged and begged and explained my predicament. If you are ever in Maui, here is the link. I can’t recommend them enough. The price for a crib rental was $8 a day, WORTH IT. www.babyrentalsmaui.com. And they literally have EVERYTHING. Monitors, beach toys, baby proofing, swings, toddler beds, bottle warmers, bouncers, literally everything.

This saved the trip, although I will from now on reconsider leaving again without my husband whom I have learned actually does A LOT to help me with Jack and I returned from the trip with a whole new appreciation for him. And for future trips I will look into a baby rental company before I even leave. Lesson learned.

Sometimes it takes a crisis to realize these things, who knows why. And no, I didn’t get to read even one page of my book, but at least Jack got some much needed comfy sleep.

2 thoughts on “Hawaiian Vacation

  1. I guess we were lucky as our 2 year old has always been able to sleep ANYwhere. She was able to sleep in a pack and play or a crib, it didn’t matter to her. We were actually glad we brought the pack-n-play on a trip we took as the crib from the resort was awful. I guess every baby is different.

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