Oh what a joyous time it is in the life of the Livingstone’s. I swear, it just gets better and better. Although Jack seems to be only wanting one nap these days, which seriously cuts into any moments of free time I might have had, the time spent awake is some of the funnest I have ever had.

Today we went to Gymboree for the first time. They offer a free class to see what you think, and both Jack and I think, “Um, yes please.” At first when we walked in I have to say that he looked at the room of 15 babies or so crawling around and shrieking and drooling and then looked back at me like, “Seriously? Are you crazy?” But after we sat down and started the activities, he let go of my hand and started climbing and playing like I have never seen him do before. Crawling through rainbow tunnels, stealing toys, having toys stolen back, parachutes, bubbles, climbing obstacle courses, it was like baby heaven. It was almost everything you could ever think up to out into a baby paradise. Needless to say we signed the membership like it was going out of style and will now spend several days a week enjoying our new quality time together.

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