Great Photo Idea


So since Jack was born I decided to do a once a month photo shoot and then at the end of one year I can put all the photos together and frame it and voila! You get to see your little one growing up and it’s such a great gift for the family! Here’s what I did. I started by going to Joann’s and purchasing 12 different fabrics. (This cost about $100, and I know it isn’t cheap but if you see my suggestion on what to do with the fabric afterwards it will be totally worth it). I then went on (my favorite place in the world) and bought some stickers with the months on them to stick to Jack’s onesie ($10). Then I ironed the fabric, laid it on top of a blanket on the floor so it wouldn’t crumple every time he moved around, stood on a chair and SNAP! You need to make sure you have indirect overhead lighting so that there are not any shadows cast, I am lucky to have skylights but you can try your brightest room at midday and that should work too. It has been so fun and I can’t wait until they are all done and I can frame the final product on the wall! There is great collage making software out there, I used Photobucket for the one you see above. The individual pictures are amazing as well, we used one for our Holiday Cards this year.

Added Bonus for the Super Crafty: Years later when you have time you can use the fabrics for a quilt that your baby can have for the rest of their lives. UGH!

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